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is the design point of my personal site.


That said, if you have ideas about this site (friendly suggestions about navigation, sections, content, etc.), please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About me


These days I'm a speaker, consultant and writer.


For ten years, I was editor-in-chief of BtoB, the only magazine devoted to covering the intersection of business strategy and business marketing.


Prior to BtoB, I held senior editorial posts at a number of A-list IT publications, including CMP's [now UBM's] InternetWeek, Mecklermedia's Web Week and IDG's Computerworld.


Added all up, that's twenty-plus years of journalism experience. Here's my resume. Here's my Short Bio.


My coverage areas these days include Big Data, analytics, edtech, marketing and marketing automation.



My consulting work


First as a reporter and then as an editor, my favorite assignments have involved in-person interviews and events.


The business benefits of in-person and virtual events cannot be overstated.  Marketers will tell you that a properly-managed event trumps nearly every other marketing channel for its ability to deliver qualified leads.


Besides, the theater of events touches a business reality: Even in an age of instaneous communications and pervasive--increasingly mobile--access to information, people enjoy gathering, networking, schmoozing.


For these reasons and more, I've picked event strategy, marketing and execution as the focus of my consulting work.


Looking forward to hearing from you.
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